What is Vol de Coloms?

Vol de Coloms is a company that flies in a hot air balloon over La Garrotxa since 1992.

The company was born from an idea of the four brothers Colom in 1991. At that time the region was not touristic. However, they thought that the area had to be made known.

To be able to discover the landscape there were many options; by car, walking, riding a bicycle… But they choose an original and a different one: a hot air balloon ride.

Regal pel dia de la mare

First of all, they had to find a company that could manufacture the aircraft to start their business, so they went to the only company in Catalonia that manufactured hot air balloons, specifically the Ultramagic company located in Ingualada.

The first part was already in process, but they need the pilot. One of the brothers, Toni Colom, manager of the company from the beginning to the present, was the one who had to be the pilot of the company.

vol de coloms

The idea was clear: show the region. They decided to take off from the most emblematic point in the center of the volcanic area of La Garrotxa, specifically from a field in the Can Xel area, next to the Croscat volcano and Santa Margarida. The experience was the flight and after have a breakfast at the La Fageda campsite. An activity that at the time cost 15,000 pesetas.

The business was a success. They had more demand and they decided to have more than one balloon and with a novelty, the balloons would have advertising of the region highlighted in the envelopes. A clear intention to be linked and involved with the promotion of the Garrotxa.

vol de coloms

With the need to improve all services, the company opted for a change that would become a differentiating element from other balloon companies. In 2011, the Vol de Coloms facilities were inaugurated. That meant that all the activity was in the same place, the offices to make the reservation, the bar to have coffee before the flight, take-off area and the restaurant for breakfast.

vol de coloms

In the beginning, the clients were from the region, so it was no problem that the activity was early in the morning because it was very close to their homes. However, with the arrival of new tourists from other parts of Catalonia, they had to get up very early to get to the starting point. In order to solve this problem, the company made a new turn and created a travel agency that allowed us to create packages with different accommodations in the region. With this the clients could sleep the night before the flight next to Vol de Coloms facilities.

Vol de Coloms has improved thanks to the needs of each moment, as a result today offer a quality product.