Exclusive balloon ride for 4

Ballooning, the experience to be lived

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An exclusive hot air balloon ride for 4. A totally different concept of flight than before. An exclusive basket with 4 seats, where you can comfortably enjoy an exceptional view of the landscape of La Garrotxa.

A flight in a hot air balloon is a different way of travelling. Float in the air, in pure peace and quiet and enjoy the feeling of absolute freedom, of perfect stillness, of adventure.

Ideal for nature-lovers and for those searching for new sensations, a hot air balloon flight gives you a 360º bird’s-eye view of the landscape below.

On clear days, the views stretch from Montserrat to the Mediterranean Sea, Pyrenees omnipresent in the background and the dormant volcanoes below.

The exclusive hot air balloon ride starts early in the morning (between 7:00 a.m and 8:00 a.m, according to the season) when the wind is calmer and the atmosphere is cooler and more stable.

We invite you to have a coffee or juice and some pastries, while you can watch the preparation of the balloons.

Balloon flight takes approximately 1 hour to 1 hour 30 min, the wind decides our flight path.

During the exclusive hot air balloon ride we will offer you chocolates, strawberries and coca de llardons, a delicious local cake. In front of you will have an ice bucket where we will leave you fresh cava. You can celebrate the moment with a toast only you 4 and no one else.

Once back on solid ground, our ground team, who have been following our flight experience, pick us up in a 4×4 vehicle and take us to enjoy a hearty cooked breakfast. Bread and tomato, Santa Pau haricot beans and botifarra a Catalan national dish, desserts from Cooperativa la Fageda, wine and ratafia, a local herbal liquor.

Finally, we give you a balloon flight diploma signed by the pilot.



  • Private parking in Vol de Coloms installations.
  • Coffee and pastry before flying.
  • Flight between 1h. and 1h. 30 min.
  • Private basket for four people with table and seats.
  • Cava, chocolate, strawberry and special cake during the flight.
  • Hearty breakfast after landing.
  • Flight diploma.
Weekdays: 1.360€ for 4 peopleWeekends and holidays: 1.480€ for 4 people

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