Tree houses

Ballooning, the experience to be lived

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Romantic getaway, sleep perched in a tree.

Fly in a hot-air balloon over the volcanoes of La Garrotxa and sleep in a wooden house in the trees.

You’ll drift on the wind over Catalonia’s dormant volcanoes.
You will enjoy a hot-air-balloon flight at 2,000 m above the volcanoes, a truly different way of enjoying a day in the country. You will float in perfect calm and silence for around 1h 30 min with a bird’s-eye 360o view of the landscape below whilst you sip on a glass of cava.

The adventure continues as after the flight you will head for the treetop cabins for a romantic night with your partner. Here, you will find yourselves fully immersed in the ecosystems of the trees as you spend a night like birds on the ‘nest’ in a house constructed in and amongst the leaves and branches of a tall beech or fir.
On arriving, you’ll find cava and chocolates in the cabin, and you will have an hour to relax with your partner in the open-air ecological spa: exclusive use of a round Scandinavian bath heated with oak wood to 38oC and a high-quality Finnish sauna.

You can dine in your cabin on the dishes you choose from the highly varied gastronomic menu. Having slept with the sounds of the forest in the background, you will wake in time to winch up from below your breakfast in its basket as you enjoy the song of the forest birds.

Fly and sleep in the sky like a bird,  a unique experience.


  • Accommodation at the Can Menció Gesthouse, the night before the flight.
  • Private parking in Vol de Coloms installations.
  • Coffee and pastry before the balloon ride.
  • Flight between 1h. and 1h. 20 min.
  • Cava and special cake during the flight.
  • Hearty cooked breakfast after the landing.
  • Flight diploma.
  • Flowers and chocolate at the Cabanes als arbres.
  • 50 minutes of Finnish sauna and Scandinavian bath at the Cabanes als arbres.
  • Dinner at the Cabanes als arbres.
  • Accommodation at the Cabanes als arbres.
  • Breakfast at the Cabanes als arbres.
Weekdays 353€ p/p
Weekend and holidays 389,50€ p/p


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