The family balloon ride

An amazing adventure with children

An adventure designed to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Enjoy the unforgettable experience of flying over the volcanoes of La Garrotxa in a hot-air balloon – a truly memorable sensation and emotion.

The activity begins early in the morning when the winds are calmest and the atmosphere is at its coolest and most stable. First, we invite you to a cup of coffee (parents) or a glass of chocolate milk or fruit juice (kids) as you watch us prepare the hot-air balloon. Young and old alike are always impressed by the sight of the balloon – like an enormous multi-coloured sail – being gradually inflated. Then, watch as the burner is lit and see the flames rise up – much to the delight of the children whose imaginations can be stimulated with tales of huge dragons breathing fire from inside their dens of many colours!

For an hour and a half, the wind will carry you along invisible pathways. The movement of the balloon in the air is gentle and imperceptible and the sensation you have is one of absolute calm, peace and quiet, and security. As you enjoy the bird’s-eye view over the volcanoes below, we will drink a toast of cava (and a soft drink for the kids) to your hot-air balloon baptism and taste a slice of coca de llardons, a savoury local speciality. Don’t forget to bring along your camera and let your children take all the aerial photos they want since they will be a permanent memory of the spectacular views over the landscape below.

Children love seeing animals and houses from above and this will probably be their first such experience. They will delight in seeing the cows and lambs below and being able to fly for a while above the birds. It’s a great way of discovering the volcanoes and explaining how they were formed, and an excellent moment to talk about local geography and learn about the points of the compass.

Once back on land, you’ll see how we deflate the balloon and then the vehicle that has followed the whole flight will pick you up and take you back to the installations of Vol de Coloms for a hearty local breakfast. During the meal you can discuss the emotions you have felt during the flight with the pilot and the other passengers. Finally, we will award all members of the family with their flight certificate, signed by the pilot. A truly unique souvenir!

What clothes must passengers wear?

We recommend to wear sporting clothes according to the flight season ans comfortable footwear. Flights take-off from and land in a field.You should bring along a sweater / jacket while the balloon is being set up early in the morning and after landing.

The temperature during the flight is the same as on the ground. The fact that the balloon flies in the air mass means there is no air corrent aboard the basket. During the winter flights don’t forget the burners

Who can go up in a balloon?

Every body can fly a board a hot air balloon from children aged  5 y.o. and no límit for old people.

We just recommend pregnant women.

Why flights are early in the morning?

Because the weather is more calm and cold. The climate is usually fresh and winds are stable. Balloons can’t fly during the middle of the day because of thermicals caused by the warming sun .

Times depend on sunrise, so vary throughout the season ( between  7am and 8 am).

Balloons go with the wind, the pilot can only control the altitude of the balloon by heating the inside of the envelope with the burners. Stability in the air is necessary aswell as a slight wind and a mild temperature. The only way to get all these conditions is to take off just after sunrise.

What happens if the weather is not good?

Weahter is very important in this activity, for this reason we’ll be in contact 2 or 3 days previous of the flight in order to check the weather forecast.

For a successful flight we requiere light winds, no rains and good visibility.

In case of not enough good weather forecast because of wind or rain , we’ll cancel the balloon ride changing it to another date or just we will refund it if you don’t have another day.

Sometimes we are obliged to cancel flight the same morning due to the wind is moret han 20 km p.h for safety reasons.

Will I be airsick?

No, because there is no physical link between the balloon and the ground (like a ladder or a bridge) there is no feeling of dizziness or vertigo. During the flight the basket remains stable and there is a feeling of incredible ease whilst taking-off.

When can balloon fly?

We fly all the year long in the Garrotxa  on weekdays and weekend, winter included, thanks to the microclimate we have in the region favorable to aerostation.

What happen to friends who are not flying?

They are welcome to watch the balloon launch.

If they want to have breakfast with the passengers they have to pay 12 euros adults and 6 euros children.

We create sensations and emotions and offer you a day that you will remember forever!

A flight in a hot-air balloon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we ensure that the whole day is unforgettable, above all if it is designed to mark a special occasion.
It is an ideal gift for an anniversary, a birthday or a family celebration with your parents or grandparents.
hot-air balloon could also be a highly original place to propose to your partner!

Imagine that it is your birthday or that you are celebrating a ruby wedding anniversary – whilst waiting to climb on board, the lucky person won’t see anything. But once in the air, he/she will see ‘Happy 40th anniversary’ written in hay bales on the ground below! Or written in candles on the coca de llardons, the traditional local cake we try once we are flying. And, finally, to round things off, a glass of refreshing cava!
There’s no additional cost – but the lucky person will come away with a wonderful memory of the day’s emotions.

Gift box

This consists of a Vol de Coloms folder containing the diploma together with the gift title of your choice, whether this be a wedding, an anniversary or other.The gift of your choice will be forwarded inside a protected box so that it withstands shipping.

Surprise call!

We can surprise that person by calling them at a time of your convenience: first thing in the morning, over lunch or dinner, during working hours, or during that special anniversary, stag or hen party, retirement farewell, golden wedding anniversary, you name it.

Gift voucher

Download and fill the diplomas. You can make a gift with an unique experience.

Our installations

Our installations are located in La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural park,  near the Croscat Volcano, between Olot and the medieval town of Santa Pau.

They have the take-off site, car-park,  toilets, cafeteria and restaurant for exclusive use by our passengers and their companions.

We have free-living animals, goats, sheeps and hens which will entertain the children

The installations, are accessible for wheelchair people.

Our GPS coordinates are: 42.150967,2.526892



    To realize the booking it's necessary to pay the total amount or a deposit.

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