Les Cols Pavellons

Ballooning, the experience to be lived

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A Zen-like sensorial experience under the stars

At first light you will have the chance to fly in a hot-air balloon over the volcanoes.

Given that you will have got up so early, once at Vol de Coloms we will offer you a cup of coffee as you watch us prepare the hot-air balloon.

You’ll drift on the wind over the dormant volcanoes of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park as you sip a glass of cava and try a slice of coca de llardons, a delicious savoury local cake. You will float in perfect calm and silence for around 1h 30 min, all the while enjoying a bird’s-eye view of the landscape below.

Once back on solid ground, there’ll be a hearty breakfast awaiting you.

when the adventure is over, you can head off to Les Cols and its unique pavilions: here you will sleep in a pavilion, a glass and steel box devoid of all decoration and furniture, only a dark green futon. A back-to-nature experience.

Calm, silence, peace … the starting point for a journey to your inner self.

A glass floor floats above black rocks, which are supposed to evoke the volcanic landscapes of the Garrotxa.

If you want you can dine at Les Cols ( a two Michelin starred restaurant) set nextto the five pavilions ,or in any other restaurant in Olot.

But, wherever, you will end the day in the pavilion, an ideal place for contemplation and for rest.

Breakfast is taken sitting on a mat on the glass deck, with the breeze in the trees as background music.

The whole experience is strange, faintly unsettling and hugely stimulating. It’s not for everyone, perhaps, but certainly unique.

You will also be provided with a picnic for two in a Les Cols bag – complete with a blanket – so you can go out and discover the delights of the landscape of La Garrotxa.


  • Private parking in Vol de Coloms installations.
  • Coffee and pastry before the balloon ride.
  • Flight between 1h. and 1h. 20 min.
  • Cava and special cake during the flight.
  • Hearty cooked breakfast after the landing.
  • Flight diploma.
  • Dinner at the Les Cols Pavellons rooms. (OPTIONAL)
  • Accommodation at the Les Cols Pavellons.
  • Breakfast at the Les Cols Pavellons garden.
  • Picnic to takeaway.
Weekdays 370€ p/p
Weekend and holidays 385€ p/p


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