Goatherd for a day

Ballooning, the experience to be lived

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Discover a trade that remains alive in the Garrotxa county

Do you fancy a day out in the country and the chance to learn how to be a goatherd for a day?
Come to La Garrotxa for a weekend in which you will learn to be a goatherd for a day with ‘Pere de les cabres’. Take the herd out to graze and then learn how to milk the females.
Being a goatherd is more of a way of life than a job – a way of being constantly in touch with nature.
A great day out for the whole family, or with your partner or a bunch of friends.

On your first day in La Garrotxa you will enjoy a hot-air balloon flight over the volcanoes, which you can round off in the morning with a hearty breakfast in the installations of Vol de Coloms. That night you will sleep in Mas El Ferrés, a rural farmhouse where on the following morning you can begin the day with a breakfast of healthy local products.

Next you go for a ride on electric bicycles through the attractiveVall d’en Bas to the farm of ‘Pere de les Cabres’a young Garrotxa goatherd, where you will be able to milk the goats and learn about the arts and secrets of this age-old occupation. After this, you will accompany Pere and his herd through the delightful Vall de Riudaura and will be able to ‘share’ your picnic with the goats in the middle of a pasture!
Later on it will be time to see how the goat’s cheese is made and to taste a slice or two, accompanied by the sound of the goatherd’s accordion and a locally made artisanal wine.

On your way back on the electric bicycles you can stop in villages such as El Malloll or Hostalets where the locally famous baker makes exquisite bread and cakes.


  • Private parking in Vol de Coloms installations.
  • Coffee and pastry before the balloon ride.
  • Flight between 1h. and 1h. 20 min.
  • Cava and special cake during the flight.
  • Hearty cooked breakfast after the landing.
  • Flight diploma.
  • Accommodation at the El Ferrés farmhouse, the night before the flight.
  • Dinner at the El Ferrés farmhouse.
  • Breakfast at the El Ferrés farmhouse.
  • Electric bicycles to go to the farm.
  • Goatherd experience.
  • Picnic dinner.
  • See how he makes the cheese.
Weekdays 292€ p/p in a double room
Weekend and holidays 307€ p/p in a double room


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