Personalized gifts according your budget

Tell us how much you want to spend and we propose different gift experiences

We help you find the best gift. Just answer some questions and we’ll suggest different personalized gifts according to your budget.

The main activity is hot air balloon, so it will be the first one you should choose. You need to tell us if the gift will be for coming during the week or on the weekend and the number of people you want to do the flight.

Once the main part is chosen, you can tell us if you want to add any accommodation, activity or restaurant to the flight experience. It’s optional, so if you want to give only the hot air balloon, you just say not to the questions.

Once the services have been chosen, we ask you the most important thing; when you want to spend. This information is very important to offer you different proposals suited to your requests.

This will be the last question that we ask you. Below you will have a summary of the answers you have answered. If everything is correct and you do not have to modify any questions, you can go on to generate the proposals.

Depending on the requests, you may get one, two, three or even four gift options. These proposals do not have to be final, they can be the basis of your gift. If necessary, you can modify them by removing or adding the service you want, from the personalized experience section.

However, if any of the proposals suit you, you can make the reservation directly. It will only be necessary to complete some information and pay.

With these simple steps, you will have been able to choose one of the personalized gifts according to your budget.