Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions and need help? We solve the most frequent questions below! If you still have not got it clear, do not hesitate to contact us!

In the prices is VAT included?

Yes, in all the products of the web

What forms of payment are available to make the reservation?

At the time of making the reservation you can pay the whole amount or make just an advance payment:
The whole amount: It is usually the case when it is to make a gift with an open date and without an expiration date
The deposit: Always includes, apart from the balloon flight, the reservation of accommodation and we know the date of flight
Payment on the day of the activity: Only when it is just the balloon flight. It can be done in cash or by card

What clothes must passengers wear?

We recommend wearing sporting clothes according the time of the year and comfortable footwear. You should bring along a sweater/jacket while the balloon is being set up early in the morning and after landing. The temperature during the flight is the same as on the ground.

I want to give it away ... Does it have an expiration date?

The person to whom you make the gift, can come whenever he or she wants to. At Vol de Coloms, the gift never expires and has no added bonus over time, except if years have passed, then it can have the normal price increase depending on the product that you have given away

Who can go up in a balloon?

All people can fly but we advise against pregnant women and children under 5 years old.

Booking of ballooning and accommodation

The accommodation booking is for the night before the flight.

What happens if the weather is not good?

Two days before the flight we contact the passengers to inform the meteorological forecast. If the day before the flight there is a rain forecast, we postpone the flight and look for another date.

Is it difficult to enter the balloon?

No problem, all of our baskets have doors, designed and adapted for the elderly, for people with reduced mobility or with a wheelchair.

I have a food intolerance

It is not an inconvenience. If you or the person who receives the gift, have some intolerance, of dried fruit, gluten, lactose … or they are vegans or vegetarians, just let us know.

Why are flights early in the morning?

Because it is when the wind is calmer and the atmosphere is cold and stable. Balloons do not fly in central hours of the day due to the air streams caused by the heat of the sun.

Will I be airsick?

No. The fact that there is no physical link with the earth guarantees that there is no feeling of dizziness or vertigo.

When can balloons fly?

We fly all the year long in la Garrotxa on weekdays and weekend, winter included, thanks to the microclimate we have in the region favorable to aerostation.

Can guests that do not fly have breakfast?

Yes, they can have breakfast with the passengers after the flight, and this meal costs € 15 per adult and € 7 per child.

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Our facilities

Located in the Natural Park of the volcanic area of La Garrotxa, at the foot of the Croscat volcano, between Olot and Santa Pau. We find the field of takeoff of the balloons, private parking, bathrooms, cafeteria, terrace and restaurant only for the people who make the flight and their companions. At the entrance there is a point of information available to everyone who needs information on the territory. We also have animals in freedom, goats, sheep, chickens, which will entertain the children. The facilities are totally accessible for wheelchair people. If you wish, you can come to see our facilities before booking a flight, we will be happy to receive you.

GPS coordinates: 42.150967,2.526892