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Vol de Coloms facilities

Our facilities are located in a natural spot at the bottom of Croscat volcano. They are built as an exclusive space for our clients, with all they need to live an unforgettable experience that mixes adventure, landscape, nature and gastronomy. Following the GI-524 road between Olot and Santa Pau, you will find the road sign “Vol de Coloms”, which shows you the diversion of one small path. After some bends you will see a big metal gate, which is the entrance to our facilities, where we will be very pleased to welcome you. We are only one hour away by car from Girona and one hour and forty minutes away from Barcelona.


When you arrive at our facilities you will find us waiting for you at the entrance, we want to give you a warm welcome and to serve you. You are our client so our intention is to make you feel special, like a guest of honour in our house. We help you to park in the parking, reserved only for our clients. We focus on each detail, doing our best to make you feel like one more of our family. For this reason, from the beginning, we will inform you about which balloon you are going to fly, so that you can meet the team that you will live the experience with  pilots, rescue team, waitresses… You will be able to know at which stage our preparations are. Our objective is that you have a unique and unforgettable experience. That is why we try to transmit all the passion that we feel for our jobs and all the friendliness and hospitality from the beginning.


The arrival at our  facilities is scheduled between 7:00 and 8:00 in the morning (depending on the season). You will have to get up early, but it is for a good reason- taking off at the best time to see the sun rise while the balloon goes up. Before the flight it is important to recover energy and wake up. For this reason, in our bar we offer you a small breakfast which consists of pastries and a good cup of coffee, tea or herbal tea while you watch how we prepare the balloons. The cooler months will be able to warm up next to the fireplace. The bar is the perfect place for those who don’t fly, to wait for the return of their relatives or friends, and afterwards enjoy all of the breakfast after the flight.


To make the five balloons of Vol de Coloms fly we need a spacious take-off area, like the big field that we have in our premises. The first step consists in putting the sails on the large field to join them with the baskets with a steel cable. When the entire balloon is fixed, we turn on two powerful fans which introduce the air that will inflate the sails. When the sail is almost full, we turn on the burners, which will make the entire balloon rise. The burners are connected to some propane fuel cylinders that allow us to have enough energy to control the navigation during all the flight: the fire that the burners make warm the air inside the balloon and it becomes less dense that the outside air. This allows the balloons to rise. All the moment of taking off you can live this process in first person, together with our expert pilots and the rescue team. All of us will be pleased to satisfy your curiosity, answering all your questions. They are magical moments that you will remember all your life. It’s a great moment to take photos and capture the moment.


Like the old rooms in the rural Catalan houses are called Masies, the dining room is a place where we share important meals with the family and friends. With a big long table where always can sit someone more, like a symbol of hospitality.

Continue the tradition and after a big sensation, it’s time for an early, but overwhelming brunch, to continue the day with energy. Passengers, crew and rescue team, we eat all together in the same table to continue sharing sensations and anecdotes, knowing each other in a familiar and friendly environment. Our great team of the restaurant will save us a menu with traditional products from the area. We start with bread with tomato and typical sausage from La Garrotxa, the pig slaughter, typical in our region provides us of different sausages for all the year. We continue with a protected designation of origin, the beans of Santa Pau, unique for growing on top of volcanic lands, accompanied by “botifarra”, another food from the pork. To sweeten the brunch, we take out a basket with products from la Fageda, a different company, with the aim of employing people with less possibilities in the working world, people with mental or physical problems, who together with all their professionals, provide us with, yogurts, custards, crème brûlée, flan…Products made with raw materials that they produce with their cows and fruit trees. We ended the brunch with coffees and other typical product, the “ratafia”, a liquor made with more than forty herbs, green nuts and anise, leaving marinate forty days. Don’t worry if you have intolerances or your are making a special diet, we adapt the menu to any need, substituting the products that can’t be eaten by others of the same quality in the area. We close this moment like family by giving you the flight certificate, certificates that certify your passage through this great experience.



Moment of farewell, after living with us a unique experience, watching the preparation while you enjoy the breakfast, glide over the magic of La Garrotxa, tasting the food of our land, laughing, talking and learning about balloons with us. It’s time to take home some souvenirs of this great experience . In our store we have typical gastronomic products, promoting the small producers of the region. Also, for those who want a memory forever, we have caps, pigtails, magnets, shirts… A small souvenir to remember forever this unique and special morning.
Vol de Coloms facilities


A facilities space to enjoy the nature that surrounds us. In front of the take-off field and next to the bar we have the terrace. An area to enjoy before and after the balloon flight experience. In the morning you can have your coffee, watching the preparation of the balloons in front of you or after breakfast rest in this exclusive space.
Vol de Coloms facilities


Area not frequented by customers, but very important for us. We want to give the best service at all times, from the first moment when you ask us for information until the farewell after the balloon flight experience. For this reason, it is very important to have a comfortable work space that helps us achieve this goal. We are lucky to be in the middle of nature and our office allows us to enjoy it at all times. The large stained glass windows make us feel like we are outside and illuminates every corner. A large space in direct contact with colleagues that encourages teamwork and help each other.
Vol de Coloms facilities