Balloon ride over the volcanoes and visit Besalú medieval

The last weekend of August the  Medieval town of Besalú celebrates the medieval Fair.

For an entire weekend, the village , with ist wide medieval architecture, back 1000 years and its transformed into an authentic medieval village,

The architectural and historical value of the town make it one of the most important medieval complexes of Catalonia and for two days, the streets, the people, the shops, the buildings, the river walk, the walls , squares and corners cannot escape the influence of the Medieval Fair.

The streets are filled with performances and historical characters: troubadours, jugglers, musicians, members of the court, artisans,warriors on horseback,…. Street theatre, workshops, a school for knigths, a medieval market, a donkey ride for small kids…

You can see exhibits of birds and even watch live potters modeling works of art. It is very entertaining and recommended for a trip to the past in our history.

Besalú , a  beautifully preserved walled medieval village in la Garrotxa, with its vobble-stoned centre and historic bridge. The fascinating old town, The ancient and narrow streets, the enchanting and quiet squares, the  Romanesques Church of Sant Vicenç, the Jewish quarter: Jewish baths of “Miqve”, the eleventh Century bridge passing over the beautiful river Fluvià, The Curia Reial, a unique Gothic building that is well worth a look!

Discover the  magic of Besalú medieval , a must see destination !

Vol de Coloms offers you a historic getawaya trip back to the time of the Counts of Besalú: a guided visit, accomodation in a charming hotel in Besalú  , visit the medieval Fair and balloon flight over the volcanoes of Catalonia.